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Our values

The ethos of Px HealthCare, the company behind OWise, is to put patients first and make a real difference to their lives and quality of life. Through OWise, our mission is to provide smart digital tools that support cancer patients from the moment of diagnosis.

Our core values are:

  • Follow high ethical & socially-driven standards
  • Enhance patient-centred care
  • Enable research to improve cancer outcomes


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How it started

Dr. Anne Bruinvels, an expert in personalized medicine, founded Px HealthCare in 2012. During her time as the Executive Director at the European Personalized Medicine Association, Anne realised that cancer patients’ experience following diagnosis is much poorer than it needs to be. Px was founded to address this by correctly informing and supporting patients throughout treatment and recovery. 

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Revolutionizing the use of the patient’s voice

Since then, the objective of Px HealthCare has been to revolutionize the use of patient’s voice to improve both patient experience and clinical outcomes in cancer. 

In order to provide this important service, Anne teamed up with her brother David, an oncology specialized physician supporting patients return to work, to develop a smart digital platform. OWise for breast cancer was created first as David noticed at his breast rehabilitation clinic that these patients were desperately asking for support.

The OWise breast cancer app was first launched in the Netherlands in 2013 and then brought to the UK in 2016 and as of May 2021 in the US. Recently, the OWise prostate cancer app was launched in the UK and further releases will follow suit to support people affected  by other types of cancer in the very near future.

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Anne Bruinvels

Founder & CEO

Life sciences entrepreneur

PhD neuroscience

Specialised in personalised medicine

Portrait of David

David Bruinvels

Chief Medical Officer

Epidemiologist and occupational physician 

Data-driven scientist

MD, PhD in oncology

Portrait of Hanna

Hanna Al-Metrami

Programme Manager


OWise outreach and implementation

Digital marketing

Image of Jordan

Jordan Glanfield

Software Developer

MEng Computing

Software engineering and design

Web development

Juan Antonio Montero de Espinosa

Data Scientist

BSc Economics

MPhil Oxford

Machine learning

Megan Allfrey

Programme Manager

Medical Bioscientist

OWise outreach and implementation

Digital marketing

Portrait of Patricia

Patricia Gallego

Senior Programme Manager

PhD Neuroscience

OWise outreach and implementation

Medical content

Portrait of Selwyn

Selwyn Kramer

Chief Technology Officer

Software architect

Security analyst

Operational systems and technical product development

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