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What is OWise

OWise is the best-in-class mobile app for breast cancer patients created by medical professionals in collaboration with patients to drive better oncology outcomes. It improves communication between cancer patients and clinical teams by

  • Helping patients with a suite of evidence-based, digital support tools while
  • Enabling them to share vital patient reported outcomes (PROs), in real-time.

OWise is designed to provide clinicians timely insights into patients’ quality of life, symptoms and treatment side effects, therefore optimizing both patient experience and clinical outcomes.


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Optimizing Oncology Outcomes

Personalized patient insights

OWise provides quantitative information about side effects, symptoms and emotional state from a patient’s moment of diagnosis. This helps with the delivery of more focused and personalized patient care. When OWise is integrated into the hospital’s electronic medical record system, patient wellbeing information can be accessed in real-time. 

Improved communication

Fostering a closer, and a more collaborative relationship can help drive improved clinical outcomes. By collating information and insights, OWise supports patients with a report that significantly enhances patient-provider communication. By providing users with a list of tailored questions, OWise can prompt informed dialogue.

Evidence-based and validated

OWise has undergone substantial validation studies reporting that 9 out of 10 clinicians would recommend it to their patients. A Randomized Controlled Trial by the UK’s Royal Marsden Hospital is currently ongoing. OWise is approved and recommended by the UK’s National Health Service. Also, a recent systematic review showed OWise to be the best-rated breast cancer app. 

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Integrate OWise in your practice

OWise has already been successfully integrated into all hospitals within Scotland. Integrating OWise into your own practice’s electronic medical record system (EMR) is simple and allows you to access valuable real-time insights and data about your patient. This enables you to more efficiently and effectively monitor them between consultations – especially useful where face-to-face contact is difficult or the only option is a telephone consultation. The EMR-integrated version of OWise is available for Epic, Cerner and Allscripts.

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A collaborative platform

OWise how it works

Empowering the patient - provider collaboration

Patients can share their on-going wellbeing data with you in real-time. With these insights you are able to identify if symptoms exacerbate and then take immediate action by alerting your patient through OWise to contact your hospital’s helpline. 


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Real-time insights into patient reported outcomes

Proven to deliver valuable patient insights that lead to improved clinical results, more personalized care, better collaboration and operational efficiencies. Importantly, OWise can help you to improve patient experience while optimizing oncology outcomes in real-time.

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What our users say

OWise was invaluable for helping my care team to review any changes in my treatment and effects. It took all my fear away.  

What our users say

It appears that patients using OWise are more advanced with the emotional processing of the disease/ condition.

What our users say

Being able to see a timeline that chart’s a patient’s symptoms from their own perspective, directly within our electronic clinical records, is fantastic.

What our users say

OWise enables me to record precisely my experiences. That way I can have a meaningful conversation with the oncologist.

What our users say

When I go to chemo every 3 weeks and they ask how I’ve been, I have a precise record of side effects and when they happened. It takes all my fear away.

What our users say

OWise definitely improves our ability to understand how cancer and its treatment are affecting a patient.

What our users say

OWise is an invaluable tool to give peace of mind that supports during stressful treatment periods. It is easy to use with clear guidance.

What our users say

OWise really supports patients positively, as well as being a tremendous tool for supporting the relationship between a patient and their clinician.

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